FS2Crew: Default 747 FSX Edition

FS2Crew: Default 747 FSX Edition 1.0

Cutting-edge Flight Crew simulations for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Whether you want to learn two-crew operations so you can mimic them in an on-line shared cockpit setting with a friend, or whether you simply want to enjoy multi crew flying alone, FS2Crew for the Default FSX 747 is here to help.

Main Features:
- Retains majority of the functionality of the critically acclaimed PMDG 747 Edition of FS2Crew.
- Experience what it is like be the Captain in a multi-crew airline environment.
- You're not just an idle spectator, you are an active participant!
- 100's of new sounds!
- Interact with your First Officer, the FA and the ground crew including Company ops.
- Fly using the same procedures (SOPs) used by a real-world 747 operator.
- Make custom PA announcements to your passengers using a list of over 70 pre-recorded world cities.
- Select your ATC callsign from a range of real-world callsigns used by over 11 real-world 747 companies ranging from Northwest to Japan Air.
- Comprehensive manuals and a Quick Start manual get you up and flying in no time.
- New interface system pioneered in the PMDG 747 Edition.
- The FSX version was significantly updated to include the latest FS2Crew innovations, such as DirectX integration. Other improvements over the FS9 version were also incorporated.
- New systems added: Autoland capability, oxygen test panel, air conditioning packs and a fully functional APU.
- A first in Flight Sim: A real-working Tiller unit!
- The FS2Crew First Officer automatically calculates the correct takeoff speeds.
- Realistic pushback/start crew with an international, region-specific accent set: American English, UK, French, Spanish and German.

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